Cornelia Tersanszki

I have this very strong belief, that a more luminescent reality lies upon the one we normally see. And a glimpse of that reality is kept in every one of my paintings....


I live and work in Bistrita, Romania, I am a self tought artist and you are now visiting my official website. 

In my art practice I mainly use two very special techniques: the ancient technique of reverse glass painting and cyanotype, the alternative photography. 

I love glass because it has its own life, and, in a subtle way, it takes you inside the old time lores. The metal leaf, the ink and the oil colours, mixed up with bronze, complete the sense of time, past and present together, as if each work opens a secret gate to another life...

When painting on the back of the glass, the first element painted is the first seen on the other side. In the begining I normally make a drawing on paper. I need the drawing to support my imagination, but, when drawing, I “see” all the picture I am going to paint, from the beginning to the end. Of course things may change during the process (they often do), but the general feeling, the emotion that inspired me, remains.

My glass works have bee exhibited in galleries and art fairs, both in Romania (Bucharest, Iasi, Cluj-Napoca, Brasov, Bistrita) and abroad (UK, US, India, Qatar, Itally, Portugal, Germany,, etc). Some of my glass works are part of private collections all over the world.

Recently I've discovered another fascinating technique: cyanotype.

I found cyanotype unexpectedly. In fact I can say that cyanotype found me, and it was love at first sight.

This magical technique of working with plants, with the sun, wind, and water, with all that elements that are ephemeral and eternal in the same time, fascinated me and made me introduce cyanotype in my current artistic practice.

Invented in 1842 by Sir John Herschel, cyanotype is a specific process that requires a natural material, commonly fabric or paper, to be coated in photosensitive solution – usually a combination of ferric ammonium citrate and potassium ferricyanide. This results in blue mono-tonal reproductions of the photographic negative, commonly called a blueprint.

The cyanotype originated as a popular form of photographic reproduction due to its inexpensiveness and accuracy, making it useful for architectural and scientific purposes

Anna Atkins was the first to experiment cyanotype for other purposes. She created a series of cyanotype limited-edition books that documented ferns and other plant life from her extensive seaweed collection, placing specimens directly onto coated paper and allowing the action of light to create a silhouette effect. By using this photogram process, Anna Atkins is sometimes considered the first female photographer.

I do hope you will enjoy my art!


2011-2014 Art School / Painting Class Bistrita, Bistrița-Năsăud, Romania
1979-1984 Politechnic Institute Bucuresti – Automation Engineering Bucharest, Bucharest, Romania
Cornelia Tersanszki

The artist at work

Prizes and Awards

2012 Finalist at Carpet Vista Design Competition Stockholm, Sweden

Solo Expositions

2020 “Walking Between Worlds” – Cluj Art Gallery Cluj-Napoca, Romania Cluj Napoca, Cluj, Romania

2018 Solo exhibition "The Book of Love" - Steiner Gallery Vienna Vienna, Austria

2016 personal glass exhibiton hosted by “The Municipal Cultural Center” Bistrita Bistrita, Bistrița-Năsăud, Romania

2016 Elite Prof Art Bucharest – personal glass painting exhibition Bucharest, Romania

2014 personal exhibition “Glass Painting” – Hungarian House Bistrita Bistrita, Bistrița-Năsăud, Romania

Collective Expositions

2022 Friendship – Group exhibition / School of Fine Arts Gallery / IPS Academy, Indore – India Indore, India

2022 Group Exhibition “Alternative processes” (cyanotype|) – A Smith Gallery, Texas / U|S Johnson, Tx, United States

2022 Group exhibition “Art on Screen” (cyanotype) – Big Screen Plaza New York / US New York, NY, United States

2022 Fall 2022 Exhibition (cyanotype)– Big Screen Plaza New York / United States New York, NY, United States

2021 Festival Fusion Arts Fair / Noblesse Palace, Bucharest, Romania Bucharest, Romania

2021 Blue Biennale – Essentia / Brasov Romania Brasov, BV, Romania

2021 Qatar International Art Festival – DOHA, QATAR Doha, Qatar

2020 International Surrealism Now – Coimbra Centro de Artes, Portugal Coimbra, Portugal

2020 BIENNALE MOOVART – Franco Zeffirelli Foundation, Florence, Italy Florence, Italy

2019 Esperienze Creative / group exhibition – Merlino Gallery – Florence, Italy Florence, Italy

2019 Art Biennale / Hronicon – Brasov, Romania Brasov, Romania

2019 ARTA R group exhibition - Romanian National Library, Bucharest, Romania Bucharest, Romania

2018 Iart Gallery - Iasi National Library Iasi, Iasi, Romania

2018 Group exhibition (The Sweet Territory of Silence) / Atelier Art C14 Gallery, Bistrita Bistrita, Bistrița-Năsăud, Romania

2017 Carol Galleries Bucharest – Group exhibition Bucharest, Romania

2017 Cultural Municipal Center “Jean Louis Calderon” Bucharest Bucharest, Romania

2015 Parallax Art Fair – London London, United Kingdom

2014 Elite Prof Art Gallery Bucuresti – group exhibition “Colours Simphony Retrospective” Bucharest, Romania

2014 Elite Prof Art Gallery / Crawne Plaza Hotel Bucuresti – group exhibition “Estival” Bucharest, Romania

2013 “The Story of the Creative” project, group exhibiton – See Me, Long Island NY New York, NY, United States

2013 Took part. in “Art surprise” project (www.arsurprise.eu), with 100 miniatures painted on glass Munchen, Germany

2012 Parallax Art Fair – London London, United Kingdom

2012 Colorida Art Gallery – Lisabona / group exhibition Lisabona, Portugal

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